Hello everyone!

This is my my third upload in a series of a Game-A-Week projects I took under Bennett Foddy's Prototype Studio class at NYU. Many of them were about me trying to learn specifics of coding and experimenting designs that were too weird to continue development, while trying to make something funny with it. These projects were actually made two years ago, and it was part of my plan to take this long to go back to them, make them presentable and release them to the public here.

Zyka Olympics is the third one. When I did, it was on the first semester of 2016, and all people were talking about was how you'd get Zyka and die if you go to Brazil, being brazilian myself, I decided to do this game as a parody of those times. The week theme was, of course, olympics. 

In this game, you're the fourth runner on a 4-man relay race, and first you need to touch (or click) all the mosquitoes that come towards you so you don't die before your turn. When the counter on the top goes below 10m you have to tap/click the racer or press space to stand up and start racing. When the race starts, press/tap Z and X to run faster. 

Disclaimer: I didn't do, nor I claim to own, any of the art in this game, nor the characters. They were all taken from spriters-resource.com

Also, because of how Unity mobile works right now, it might not go into landscape mode on your phone and force you to play on vertical. I don't know how to fix it, so please try again on a tablet or computer.

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