Hello everyone!

This will be my first upload in a series of a Game-A-Week projects I took under Bennett Foddy's Prototype Studio class at NYU. Many of them were about me trying to learn specifics of coding and experimenting designs that were too weird to continue development, while trying to make something funny with it. These projects were actually made two years ago, and it was part of my plan to take this long to go back to them, make them presentable and release them to the public here.

Fly Rabbit Fly, or Sink or Swim, is the first of these super small games. I was just starting my engines, and as such, there's nothing too crazy about it. It was inspired by a video shown to us on class of a rabbit running away from an avalanche, and also the week's theme, which was Sink or Swim.

In the game all you have to do is press space to make the rabbit flap and save him and the snowboarder from certain doom. But be careful, each time the snowboarder gets hit by a snowball, he gets heavierNevertheless, do try playing it, it will take less of your time than reading this. =)

Disclaimer: I didn't do, nor I claim to own, any of the art in this game, nor the characters. They were all taken from spriters-resource.com


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Esse é punk, viu. Quase estouro a barra de espaço... Haheheahaehhaeheahheahea

huahuhauaha, pode terminar de estourar.


I love these hilarous physics type of games!