Hi all!

This is my second upload in a series of a Game-A-Week projects I took under Bennett Foddy's Prototype Studio class at NYU. Many of them were about me trying to learn specifics of coding and experimenting designs that were too weird to continue development, while trying to make something funny with it. These projects were actually made two years ago, and it was part of my plan to take this long to go back to them, make them presentable and release them to the public here.

In Robin Hood Simulator, I took the challenge of making a game without creating any art, nor any code by myself. Everything was going to be downloaded from the internet. Ironically, this resulted in maybe my most pretty prototype?

This also marked my first foray into funny games. In Robin Hood Simulator, you don't control an archer, but the arrow itself.

Disclaimer: I didn't do, nor I claim to own, any of the art in this game, nor the characters. They were all taken from the Unity store


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Love the approach with everything coming from the store. I'll have to try that myself! And nice to be able to control the arrow for once. The cameraman is a bit wobbly

Thanks! Definitely, the camera is the thing that I banged my head against the wall the most for... I settled for something that worked for me, but mostly for me, I guess. Hhahaah