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Hello everyone!

This is my my fourth upload in a series of a Game-A-Week projects I took under Bennett Foddy's Prototype Studio class at NYU. Many of them were about me trying to learn specifics of coding and experimenting designs that were too weird to continue development, while trying to make something funny with it. These projects were actually made two years ago, and it was part of my plan to take this long to go back to them, make them presentable and release them to the public here.

Number 4 is called FFT. And I confess it's one of my favorites. I've always been kind of a frustrated musician, always tried to learn an instrument, but never had any talent. So I learned how to make games about music! Which was helped by the fact that the week's theme was a song Bennett Foddy composed and gave us.

In this game, all you have to do is push the balls to the pillars to get points. The pillars are actually the song's Spectrum information, so you will need to listen to the song and figure out where the good stuff is happening to score a lot of points.

Disclaimer: I didn't do, nor I claim to own, any of the music in this game.

Credits for the songs:

PS.: Windows version is untested.

Install instructions

Just extract the zip files.


FFT-Mac.zip 33 MB
FFT-Windows.zip 28 MB


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This is a pretty neat idea for a game. I had a quick play and really liked it. The audio tracks used are just awesome.